Milkglass, oh how I love thee...

If there is one thing I have slowly built a collection of, it is Milkglass. I really do not care if it is truly vintage or a modern production piece. They all look the same as far as that goes. History on Milkglass would say the original makers should have added their name to the pieces due to no way to truly differentiate the two.
Fenton is the most modern producer of Milkglass  today.
The Fenton hobnail is my absolute fav and I just relish at the thought of getting my hands on a butter dish. I feel like it is the one main piece I do not have but I always keep my eyes peeled on antique trips. I am already a lover of white dishes etc, because it just looks so clean. Milkglass is just the vintage vibe of the exact liking. They look fab in groupings... and with fresh flowers in them.
I have big plans for our little kitchen one day and can't wait to have a beautiful vintage hutch to display them!
I posted the final photo to show that Milkglass is not always "white" either. This green shade is "jade" and I do like it as well.

Only a List Will Do!

I just love so much about this kitchen! Let's see... I am list type of gal so I will list it out!

* contrast use of white and black in the cabinetry and black french doors leading to outdoor space
* nice herringbone pattern floor in what seems to be tiles cut to a 4x8...color is perfect!
*my favorite.. honed marble either calcutta or cararra backsplash
*use of stainless hardware and hood range ventilation
*old world lantern chandelier, just a classic!
* FARMHOUSE TABLE and chairs... now this, I cannot say enough about! I LOVE farmhouse tables and the rustic look they possess. Adds a rich earthy element to even the most modern of spaces... and for me, reminds me of where I come from!

Chevron LOVE!

I am a bit of a Chevron fanatic.. although I must say, too much is absolute overload.
Found a few great photo's that show the use of this pattern beautifully.

Beautifully Working At Home

I have always loved an "office" in my house and as we have moved several times..my thoughts go to having that extra space to set up my office. Maybe due to my background in design and starting out by working from home. I am just a lover of everything around me being beautiful, if I can make it that way of course.
I especially love the first photo where there is a stunning accompaniment of a lavatory for private use with office. The look is so sophisticated and serene.
I especially enjoy designing this type of space due to the "must" of ORGANIZING!!

Modern Outdoor Living

So, I am going to admit something....every time I look at the likes of my back door, I envision what is to be, what can be.. all the while sometimes feeling a little let down because it is so not in the budget....yet.
It will come though. Patience is not only a virtue, it is a treasure from God! I know that when we want something and can wait on it, once granted..it is that much sweeter and enjoyable..not to mention...with something like this, you end up really having the time to perfect the vision and budget..and it can be exactly what you want..not what you "settled" for.
So enough of my ramblings...on with the post!!!
When it s time...the planning for an outdoor living space will happen and it will look something like this.
In modern outdoor design you find what landscapers call "hardscapes"..basically...alot of rock and stone. Also, you will find simple plants in their own space with no fuss around them. Either in a planter of their own, or if in the ground...just simple!
Adding a modern pergola will provide not only relief from a hot day under shade, but more of the living space feel outdoors. We have plans for one of those as well, adn adding outdoor fabric panels to it.
Water features and firepits as this one above are a standard feature as well when going more modern.
You can find more on this firepit at www1.firerock.us/

Concrete Floors Next Year!

After much thought and research, we have decided to go with stained concrete flooring for the kitchen as the last thing needed to complete the look! We are throwing ideas around as to if we make it a DIY project or not. It's all still in the air, but the fact we are going green with the concrete, that is a sure thing.
If we go with someone to do it for us, we may have to wait until next year and save from a few photo shoots (smiles)

Here is a great site for info on the flooring itself:

* The raw materials used in concrete are abundant making it a sustainable building material and an integral part of a successful “Green Building” program.
* Lower utility bills – Because of a phenomenon known as “Thermal Mass,” concrete helps maintain a constant temperature year round.
* Concrete floors produce minimal waste unlike carpet, laminate, or tile, all of which continually contribute to landfill waste.
* Concrete floors are not as susceptible to damage by water, fire and mold as many other types of flooring.
* Practical and naturally durable. With minimal maintenance, it never needs replacement.
* Easy to maintain and clean.
* Hypo-allergenic – does not store dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens.
* Made from natural, earthy elements rendering each flooring or countertop design unique.
* Transitions well with other natural materials such as granite, marble, wood, glass & metals, allowing easy adaptability to any setting.

Really cannot wait!! Maybe we will still try it as a DIY, but we still have some research to do and find the exact stain color we know we want...as some DIY product does not have the color variations we are envisioning.

Egg Candles & Kitchen Timer....two of my weekly picks!

Thought this carton of egg candles was just too cute, and the timer I LOVE. Hope to have the blue one in my kitchen sometime soon! Found it on Wrapables.com

Sixx Design, I love you!!!

Mastermind designers, Robert & Courtney Novogratz will complete season 1 on their own show" Nine by Design" tomorrow night. I am anxiously awaiting to watch, and sad at the possibility of this being the first and final season. No final word on that though...
With 7 kids, Bellamy, Tellulah, Wolfgang, Breaker, Five, Holleder and Major, the newest addition.
I have fallen head over heels for not only everything this show encapsulates, but their family as well.
Brilliant doesn't even begin to explain the minds and creative style that surpasses many! I never really knew there could be such a design force that matched with my own personal style as much as these. Probably why I love their show so much. The fact they can manage all that they do and parent 7 fabulous kids is beyond me. Especially in NYC..com' on!!! Wow!!
They are known to find the most unloved properties and turn them into funky fabulous one-of-a-kind jewel boxes if you ask me!
Just released a book "Downtown Chic" that I will be buying and cannot wait to have on my coffee table!
You can catch the season finale tomorrow night on Bravo. Check your local cable listing for showtime, or go to www.sixxdesign.com

White Dishware and Serving

There is nothing I love more on the table than all white dishware and serving pieces. It will always be a classic, and looks so clean! I love the way my food even looks on the plate! Yes, I do like many dishes with prints and designs, especially vintage ones, or the floral's that you would see in a vintage English tea set. There are probably so many I like, that I would end up spending way too much money and not have the space to sore them. So, white has been my choice for years now. I had began purchasing my collection at Crate & Barrel..but have found you can always add to it, and buy from all kinds of places. Now, I find my self in a store wanting to see what white serving pieces they have..and my brain goes to all kinds of ways I could use it.

Photo Credits To: Living Design & Ann Sage

Small Kitchen LOVE

Only in America we are almost bred to think "bigger is better". Well, I have grown to appreciate small quaint spaces. Maybe I want more of those small spaces added to the home itself, so it would be bigger in essence. But, I still love small spaces, and found a few photo's to show you can really get creative in a small kitchen. My favorite is the first photo!!! Love almost everything!!
The second photo has a full sheet tinted glass back splash that is easy to clean and really sleek. Not to mention the artwork makes the statement and the counter tops are clear of doo dads, so it seems really clean! If you like stainless more than anything, the third photo is really neat space. I think it would only work if you were an organized fanatic like myself and could keep your dry goods looking that good on a shelf in a mason jar :)