Milkglass, oh how I love thee...

If there is one thing I have slowly built a collection of, it is Milkglass. I really do not care if it is truly vintage or a modern production piece. They all look the same as far as that goes. History on Milkglass would say the original makers should have added their name to the pieces due to no way to truly differentiate the two.
Fenton is the most modern producer of Milkglass  today.
The Fenton hobnail is my absolute fav and I just relish at the thought of getting my hands on a butter dish. I feel like it is the one main piece I do not have but I always keep my eyes peeled on antique trips. I am already a lover of white dishes etc, because it just looks so clean. Milkglass is just the vintage vibe of the exact liking. They look fab in groupings... and with fresh flowers in them.
I have big plans for our little kitchen one day and can't wait to have a beautiful vintage hutch to display them!
I posted the final photo to show that Milkglass is not always "white" either. This green shade is "jade" and I do like it as well.


Kim Joy said...

Oh how I love thee too!!! Thanks for the lesson. I know what my eye loves but sometimes I fail to know the history. Sad but true.

ClassiclyAmber said...

The collection in the second pic is - WOWZA! I love 'em all, though. So pretty!

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