Tarina Tarantino makes me want to be a young girl again....

If there is any designer out there hitting Hollywood by storm that makes me want to be a girl all over again it is by far Tarina Tarantino. I love the colors, the whimsy, and two collections, Hello Kitty & Barbie!! I do not think I would adorn any of these now, except for a few hair accessories, and the solid lucite bracelets...you can see all of her pieces here. I was just talking this weekend about a lotion I found that reminds me of childhood which I will post on www.bagofsugar.blogspot.com

Guest Room Turned Dressing Room!

I am making plans to finally sell alot of older pieces I never use and make the most of a room we could definitely use by turning into a dressing room. IKEA has a wonderful system called PAX that I am looking into in a dark stained finish. Also going to get the IKEA floor mirror to go in the middle of the units.
It feels good to finally get a vision for an unused room, and get the most out of our space!
At the moment I have no clue when this will be underway, but I am dreaming it up right now, and found these pic's in my planning.
Pictures to follow!!!

Sliding Door Beauty!

These would be in my pre-fab!! I love Interior bearing doors. There are many styles and materials available for your hardware and doors. Here are just a few!
You can find the first two here: www.krownlab.com

Dreamy Pre-Fab

Oh how I dream of a prefab on a beautiful track of land, with my own garden and in the middle of nowhere, but in reality..very close to everything!
www.modern-shed.com has mostly pre-fab shed's, but they do offer dwelling's as well. This one above goes for an estimated $85,000 plus whatever cost is in your land..
Not too shabby..but very small! What would it really matter if you had a beautiful spot of land. You could create your own living space outdoors and have everyone over around the fire...what space you need to "live" in, is for sleep anyways :)

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Designer Dictionary

Found these at www.seejanework.com
Really pricey, but beautiful finds...as far as owning a dictionary that you can display as an accent piece.

Laundry Sink Innovation

This new sink for your laundry room is quite interesting. Made with jets to make hand washing easy...and a little over $1,000 to start. Available in the white and your run of the mill bisque.
Also available as drop in or undermount.
Although this would be one of those really nice things to have.. it is pretty pricey.
I am thankful for the new innovations in our washer's that come with the hand wash cycle. If you have a washer that does so, skip on this sink!!

Simple Pantry?

You got it! What looks like a big fat omgosh, really can simplify your life when in the kitchen. I am an avid organizer and for me it makes life easier. In the pantry when done correctly, you end up not throwing that box of crackers out that were hiden in the back for two years..and you may just save yourself a trip to the mart because you DO have what you need!
With a few simple steps and a little start up cash, you too can have a super functional pantry!
In my experience I recommend placing all of your "dry" staples i.e: beans, rice, flour, sugar in containers. It can be glass or plastic.
Then separate your canned goods and place then together in rows according to their contents.
Take all individually wrapped snacks etc and put them in a basket of their own for an easy grab and go.
You can either place all cereal boxes side by side in their own space or treaty them as you have your dry staples. Those containers do cost a little more, so staying with a budget go for side by side.
Put all baking goods, jarred sauces, large snacks, and other groupings together.
Think of your pantry as a mini grocery store behind a door. Keeping all items in their own category will make it easier and help you with getting the job done.
Sure, making it really pretty by painting the walls a fun color and adding nice baskets for snacks, flavor packets, and spices will make it beautiful!!
I bet I know what many of you have on your spring cleaning list now that you did not before!!! If you need help...I would LOVE TO!! <3

I HAVE TO ADD A BIG THANKS TO MY MOM for branding these habits of mine into me..she gets the Gold for Organizing!!!
Next week we will talk closets!

OH Honed Marble, I LOVE Thee!!

I have been thankful for the opportunity to have worked with and specified natural stone products. During that time, not only did I learn alot... I really learned what I love the most with all the materials out there to be used. Honed Marble is what I dream of on the walls in my kitchen and bath. Although I am more modern in general, this marble crosses boundaries and will always be a classic! Not a budget minded choice, but the beauty of this stone I revel in! I do have it in my 2nd bath, on the floor and I thoroughly enjoy just looking at it. Being able to work with and specify tile and counter tops to clients,I gained such an appreciation for natural stone. One of our suppliers had a warehouse in Charlotte. A large amount of what they have is from Turkey and they are as well. Every time we made trips there we never wanted to leave. Just admiring the natural patterns and often stock of rarities was absolute amazement. I cannot say enough about this wondrous gift God gave to us and the fact we can actually use it in our home. It is a gift to design, I do believe.
On another note, is that kitchen photo I grabbed on Dwell just make you go ahhhhhhh!!!! Reminds me of loft living in a high rise flat in London!