Sixx Design, I love you!!!

Mastermind designers, Robert & Courtney Novogratz will complete season 1 on their own show" Nine by Design" tomorrow night. I am anxiously awaiting to watch, and sad at the possibility of this being the first and final season. No final word on that though...
With 7 kids, Bellamy, Tellulah, Wolfgang, Breaker, Five, Holleder and Major, the newest addition.
I have fallen head over heels for not only everything this show encapsulates, but their family as well.
Brilliant doesn't even begin to explain the minds and creative style that surpasses many! I never really knew there could be such a design force that matched with my own personal style as much as these. Probably why I love their show so much. The fact they can manage all that they do and parent 7 fabulous kids is beyond me. Especially in NYC..com' on!!! Wow!!
They are known to find the most unloved properties and turn them into funky fabulous one-of-a-kind jewel boxes if you ask me!
Just released a book "Downtown Chic" that I will be buying and cannot wait to have on my coffee table!
You can catch the season finale tomorrow night on Bravo. Check your local cable listing for showtime, or go to www.sixxdesign.com