Oh Baby!!

Although I do not have children yet...because my passion is design I just can't help myself. At one point we did own a Herman Miller Rocker like the one shown in white, but sold it (sigh).
You can really have fun with designing a nursery, but have to remember budget as well, because it will be the one room you redesign the fastest! As those little precious beans grow fast out of a crib, then toddler bed..and by the time they can speak their opinion..they more than likely will be asking for a different color on the walls!

Where Art Thou, Laundry??

I do not know about you..but the smell of fresh clean laundry makes my heart skip a beat! Even more so when my laundry space looks like a magazine picture. Girls, SO ATTAINABLE!! I would recommend IKEA to accomplish the shelving in the first photo.
Stackables are always an option too. We purchased a steam washer and dryer last year that is stackable, but with the space I found it more fitting to use the top area as a folding spot, which you do lose with stackables. Unless you have a monstrosity laundry room. Having a countertop put in place over the newer front load models is a great inexpensive idea as well.
You can see in the last photo that even with a small space and older unit's ....you still can get creative!! Organization is one of my definite strengths! So much so, I claim "over achiever award" for that one..gladly! You girls that know me would agree...I can see you giggling now!!
Photo Source's: Martha Stewart & Domino Mag

IKEA Hack/Remodel

So here is an idea if you are on a budget and want to remodel a bathroom!
Grabbed this top photo from Remodelista.
This IKEA cabinet for only $199! I like the sink here. I have this sink in my second bath and have really enjoyed it!
You do not have to have wall mounted/plumbed vessel filler faucets either. Granted it will save you from seeing the plumbing under the cabinet.

I LOVE A White Kitchen!

In my opinion there is nothing like a beautifully done white kitchen! What do I think of with photo's like these you ask? Clean, classic, and timeless! Notice the wide plank hand scraped wood flooring, shaker style door fronts, subway tile and beautiful stainless appliances!
Second kitchen has a modern country feel. A detail that makes that accomplished would definitely be the dark hinges, knobs, and french country chandeliers.
Another thing I would have to add as you can see in the last photo, is the fact you can really get personal with your dishes etc in a white kitchen.
You guys that know me well would know EXACTLY why I selected the first photo , as it is almost identical to my kitchen minus those take your breath away floors!!

Walker Zanger Love!

Here are just a few great pic's of glass tile from Walker Zanger. By far  Zanger is one of my top three favorite sources for glass tile.


As a designer I definitely get asked the most about paint, colors and finishes...why certain colors need to have a certain finish. So I have chose today to hook you guys up with a little info..and found it nicely put!

Flat paint finishes absorb light, they don’t reflect it. This particular paint finish is great for hiding any surface imperfections and looks good in most colors. The best rooms to use a flat finish is in spaces that receive little traffic such as bedrooms or closets. Keep in mind that flat paint is difficult to clean so try not to use flat paint in rooms that will require a lot of cleaning.
An eggshell paint has about as much sheen as an actual eggshell. It is similar to flat but offers a bit of luster and looks good in most colors. It is easier to clean than flat paint so it is ok for use in areas of your home that receive more traffic such as a hallway or a living room.
A satin paint finish is much easier to clean than both the flat and eggshell paint finishes.  However, don’t scrub too hard when cleaning because you could possibly remove some of the sheen which will leave an uneven finish in your wall. A satin finish doesn’t hide surface imperfections well, but the ease of cleaning makes it a good choice for spaces where walls may get dirty, like a kids room, kitchen or bathroom.
Semi gloss paints are a step up on the luster scale from satin as they reflect more light. It is a good choice for painting trim but could be used for a kitchen or bathroom because it doesn’t absorb kitchen grease or bathroom condensations as much as the other paint finishes do. Semi gloss paints generally look better in a lighter shade of paint.
Gloss paints offer the most sheen of all of the other paint finishes and is the easiest to clean. Gloss paint is generally used for painting trim and is usually not a good choice for walls. Gloss paint is also commonly used to paint cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms.
Remember, these are just guidelines and not hard an fast rules.  At the end of the day, choosing a paint finish is a matter of personal preference.

StephanieByDesign Photography


YES, so I do photography as well. Could you guess....I mean, a blog HAS to have eye candy! This is my most recent shoot which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 
Preggo chic's ...eat your heart out..Ashlee is an adorable and stunning preggo!!
You can check out my other photography soon in my Etsy shop...but I am working on getting all of that together!

Casa Barone in Sweden



Although the decor may not be right on the money with my personal style, the space sure is. Grand open windows with organic scenery, oh how I dream!!
These are just a few photo's of a home masterfully designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff.
Located in Sweden and set on a pitched slice of property for a beautiful view of water....I imagine so many things here!

Designer of The Month: Kate Hume




Based out of Amsterdam with a background in mixed media including film sets and interiors across Europe. Kate brings my flavor to the table, and when she brings it ..she brings it!! The first room photographed must be one sexy room when the sun goes down! The walls are flanked with a masculine Grey paper, and the windows adorned with weighty panels. Soft lighting,contrasting white furnishings, and expansive mirror is all this space really needs.
Kate always surprises me and I am on edge waiting for her next project to be released on her website you can view here.

Dreaming of Dresses in Spring


When I think of Spring, I think of precious dresses and bags..and shoes! This dress is my wish list for sure..from one of my favorite boutiques in Charlotte!