White Dishware and Serving

There is nothing I love more on the table than all white dishware and serving pieces. It will always be a classic, and looks so clean! I love the way my food even looks on the plate! Yes, I do like many dishes with prints and designs, especially vintage ones, or the floral's that you would see in a vintage English tea set. There are probably so many I like, that I would end up spending way too much money and not have the space to sore them. So, white has been my choice for years now. I had began purchasing my collection at Crate & Barrel..but have found you can always add to it, and buy from all kinds of places. Now, I find my self in a store wanting to see what white serving pieces they have..and my brain goes to all kinds of ways I could use it.

Photo Credits To: Living Design & Ann Sage

Small Kitchen LOVE

Only in America we are almost bred to think "bigger is better". Well, I have grown to appreciate small quaint spaces. Maybe I want more of those small spaces added to the home itself, so it would be bigger in essence. But, I still love small spaces, and found a few photo's to show you can really get creative in a small kitchen. My favorite is the first photo!!! Love almost everything!!
The second photo has a full sheet tinted glass back splash that is easy to clean and really sleek. Not to mention the artwork makes the statement and the counter tops are clear of doo dads, so it seems really clean! If you like stainless more than anything, the third photo is really neat space. I think it would only work if you were an organized fanatic like myself and could keep your dry goods looking that good on a shelf in a mason jar :)

Coastal Living Black & White's..yes...White's

Grabbed these from Coastal Living because I love the way a coastal home captures the warmth of Black and White's when the theme is applied in the design. Although I can personally tend to lean on elements of modern design, my heart always goes back to warmth and homeliness of Cottage, Modern Country, Bungalow feel. My dream home is a Modern Farmhouse with a metal roof, an herb garden, as well as a full veggie garden! I think I would leave the actual animals to my sister..she would be way better at upkeep of that. Maybe she could have her own home beside me and have all the chickens and a milk cow on her property LOL!
Any-who...I have to be honest and say I like the application of Black and White's because it looks so clean, I mean..really clean! I think too, the first photo, I could not deal with all of the possible chalk dust!

From Mirror to Chalkboard

I have seen this so many times, but still think it is a great idea in the right place. I suggest to find an antique or vintage mirror on Craigs List or some little hole in the wall shop...and turn into a chalkboard. The chalkboard paint sells for about $12 for a quart at Lowe's or Home Depot. The last picture is from Restoration Hardware where the smallest one starts at well over $300. I think you can make your own for pennies, compared to that!

Going Green in the Kitchen...

After MUCH discussion and having no budget to a small one in a few months...we have decided to go with wood counter tops in the kitchen! I am oh so excited and even recently figured out how to stain them really dark and still be at a food grade finish, which is oh so important! Hopefully we will have this tackled by summer and have the tile back splash up that has been stored in the garage for seemingly forever!

Cocoa Pendant

We had purchased this pendant originally from Z Gallerie and had in our dining area. Because i Loooove ambiance...I dealt with the fact it's max wattage is 60 watt bulb. When we moved I desperately needed more light though. So Lance converted it to a plug in, and it now sits beside the sofa in the living room. Its funny how many people think it is soft and want to touch it only to find out it is so not soft!! It actually is extremely hard brittle and pokie LOL ( i know that is not in the dictionary, just a Stephanie word)
So, I thought it was interesting to see this light as a "new" edition at West Elm recently. We had bought this light about 3 years ago...but cool that it is making its way around the block :)

Fresh and Natural, Nursery

Wanted to share another Nursery Design that I like.  Probably comes from my love for birds and branches and clean, fresh white's! Not a fan of the fox pillow on the rocker though...