White Dishware and Serving

There is nothing I love more on the table than all white dishware and serving pieces. It will always be a classic, and looks so clean! I love the way my food even looks on the plate! Yes, I do like many dishes with prints and designs, especially vintage ones, or the floral's that you would see in a vintage English tea set. There are probably so many I like, that I would end up spending way too much money and not have the space to sore them. So, white has been my choice for years now. I had began purchasing my collection at Crate & Barrel..but have found you can always add to it, and buy from all kinds of places. Now, I find my self in a store wanting to see what white serving pieces they have..and my brain goes to all kinds of ways I could use it.

Photo Credits To: Living Design & Ann Sage


Brianne said...

I would LOVE to one day own all white dishware and serveware! It's one of the many things on my "wish list"! ^_^

{larkandbranch} Stephanie said...

You know Brianne....IKEA would be a great start set..they have some mad deals on white dish sets and serving pieces...and you probably wouldn't have to wait too too long to save for it.. :+)

Kim Joy said...

Ikea here I come.
I have always loved my vintage yellow plates with the little red flowers. But my husband, the Chef, doesn't like them at all. He says it messes up his food presentation. Just like you said, good food looks better on white. It also has this fresh clean feel that I love.

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