Modern Outdoor Living

So, I am going to admit something....every time I look at the likes of my back door, I envision what is to be, what can be.. all the while sometimes feeling a little let down because it is so not in the budget....yet.
It will come though. Patience is not only a virtue, it is a treasure from God! I know that when we want something and can wait on it, once granted..it is that much sweeter and enjoyable..not to mention...with something like this, you end up really having the time to perfect the vision and budget..and it can be exactly what you want..not what you "settled" for.
So enough of my ramblings...on with the post!!!
When it s time...the planning for an outdoor living space will happen and it will look something like this.
In modern outdoor design you find what landscapers call "hardscapes"..basically...alot of rock and stone. Also, you will find simple plants in their own space with no fuss around them. Either in a planter of their own, or if in the ground...just simple!
Adding a modern pergola will provide not only relief from a hot day under shade, but more of the living space feel outdoors. We have plans for one of those as well, adn adding outdoor fabric panels to it.
Water features and firepits as this one above are a standard feature as well when going more modern.
You can find more on this firepit at www1.firerock.us/


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