Concrete Floors Next Year!

After much thought and research, we have decided to go with stained concrete flooring for the kitchen as the last thing needed to complete the look! We are throwing ideas around as to if we make it a DIY project or not. It's all still in the air, but the fact we are going green with the concrete, that is a sure thing.
If we go with someone to do it for us, we may have to wait until next year and save from a few photo shoots (smiles)

Here is a great site for info on the flooring itself:

* The raw materials used in concrete are abundant making it a sustainable building material and an integral part of a successful “Green Building” program.
* Lower utility bills – Because of a phenomenon known as “Thermal Mass,” concrete helps maintain a constant temperature year round.
* Concrete floors produce minimal waste unlike carpet, laminate, or tile, all of which continually contribute to landfill waste.
* Concrete floors are not as susceptible to damage by water, fire and mold as many other types of flooring.
* Practical and naturally durable. With minimal maintenance, it never needs replacement.
* Easy to maintain and clean.
* Hypo-allergenic – does not store dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens.
* Made from natural, earthy elements rendering each flooring or countertop design unique.
* Transitions well with other natural materials such as granite, marble, wood, glass & metals, allowing easy adaptability to any setting.

Really cannot wait!! Maybe we will still try it as a DIY, but we still have some research to do and find the exact stain color we know we want...as some DIY product does not have the color variations we are envisioning.


Brianne said...

Oh I love this idea!! Please share the process when the time comes. :)

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